Image Credit: Warm Audio

Warm Audio has announced the WA-47F and WA-CX12 microphones. The WA-47F is WA’s take on Neumann’s U47 FET while the WA-CX12 finds its inspiration in the AKG C12.

Warm Audio WA-47F

Warm Audio’s WA-47F gold spluttered large-diaphragm cardioid condenser capsule is a “faithful recreation” of the popular large-diaphragm U47 FET microphone. The renowned Neumann microphone is known for handling high sound pressure levels with more than impressive accuracy.

WA state the dynamic range of the WA-47F is a whopping 130 dBa, so this microphone should be well suited to handling the high SPLs of kick drums and bass/guitar cabinets. Furthermore, its custom-tuned frequency response (20Hz-19kHz) adds a “pristine edge” to solo vocals. The manufacturer states the WA-47F also “recreates the immediate transient response” of the U47.

Going back to sound pressure, the WA-47F can handle a maximum SPL of 137dB. Conversely, a switchable 10dB pad pushes that figure up to 147dB. And a switchable low cut filter at 140 Hz stops any low-end rumble that may cause problems in the mixdown phase too. Finally, WA state the microphone has an output impedance of 150 ohms.

The WA-47 is now available for $949.

Warm Audio WA-CX12

And the second new microphone from Warm Audio is the WA-CX12. It’s an “authentic adaptation” of the AKG C12 multi-pattern tube condenser artists like The Beatles used to record their hits. WA’s adaption has nine polar patterns ranging from cardioid to omnidirectional and figure-8 with six hybrid patterns.

The microphone has a dual-diaphragm capsule made from solid brass, made to match the detail and warmth of the original. It also features a TAB-Funkenwerk transformer and a 7-pin XLR input for near-perfect signal transfer. Also, Warm Audio state that the microphone is made of premium components, and its frequency response stretches from 30 Hz-20kHz; it has a maximum SPL of 149dB, and an output impedance of 200 ohms.

In addition to this premium microphone, you’ll get a tweed carry case, a shock mount, an external power supply, and a 7-pin cable by Gotham.

The WA-CX12 is now available for $999.