Image credit: VEVO

Get ready to be bombarded by adverts based on your music moods.

The music-video service VEVO has recently announced it’s new playlist service Moods. It uses artificial intelligence to group the videos based on their emotional sensibility. The idea is to improve ad targeting and ensure resulting ads will align with the users mindsets. 

VEVO has said the new service will make it easier for advertisers to put their campaigns alongside an “emotionally congruent environment,” like the “Impassioned” videos such as ‘Rain on Me’ by Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga that might appear on a Valentine’s Day playlist, or the “Heartfelt” songs that might end up on a Mother’s Day playlist.

The music-video service will be hoping that the new technology will generate a better audience recall and improve relationships with brands. 

Speaking on Moods VEVO’s President of Sales and Distribution, Kevin McGurn said: “It’s the logical step that we have synergy between the ad creative and the mood it evokes with the music video it surrounds”.

VEVO teamed up with music-data company Musixmatch to create Moods. The AI will score and label videos based on their energy and tone, it then assigns a “mood” to each video based on the AI’s results.  

“Our moods affect everything that we do, including the content we consume and the ads we engage with,” said Vevo senior director, data science Eyal Golshani. “From joy to fear, sadness to hope, music videos have remained a constant source of comfort and soundtrack our everyday lives. With our innovative data-based capabilities, Vevo can better understand our viewers, and their frame of mind while viewing, to deliver the best music-video experience.”

The company has described the initially available moods as “fun, heartfelt, impassioned or empowering,” with more moods lined up for release in the coming months. 

VEVO boasts 26 billion views a month for its music videos and they’re majority owned by the major record labels.