Hoobastank’s listeners jump 1,757% after a TikTok trend promotes ‘The Reason’ 17 years after release

A viral TikTok trend increases Hoobastank’s listeners by 1,757%, in the wake of the “I’m not a perfect person” challenge.

Hoobastank initially released their power ballad The Reason back in 2004, but after #NotAPerfectPerson trended on TikTok last month, the American rock band have seen a new wave of success. The hashtag is used to reveal embarrassing moments, over the line “I’m not a perfect person”. The sound has been used in over 82k videos, bringing in over 680 million total views.

Following the success, Hoobastank created their own TikTok profile and joined in on the trend. Their first video has attracted almost 3 million views and over 500k likes.

Lead vocalist Doug Robb spoke to TMZ about their recent success and writing new music for a new generation of listeners.

The revitalised success from a new generation is reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours being pushed to the top of the Billboard charts, after a trend last year, with Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks joining in on the fun. Major labels are keeping a close eye on what makes viewers tick, signing new talent such as sea shanty star Nathan Evans.

Find out how to publish your own music on TikTok for free here.

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