A list and live performances from the top artists predicted to make an impact on the year ahead from VEVO and MBW.

VEVO is responsible for the biggest music videos online, with 26 billion views per month across 450k videos.

VEVO’s DSCVR Artists to Watch has helped introduce up-and-coming artists to a global audience, with previous artists such as Sam Smith, Billie Eilish, Lewis Capaldi, Maggie Rogers, James Bay and more.

Find the full DSCVR 2021 playlist here.

All details and quotes below are from VEVO via MBW.


Annamaria Allertz, Content & Programming Manager, VEVO Germany: “Charmed by her extraordinary voice, carried with a mixture of soul-pop and hip-hop elements, I felt myself instantly gripped when listening to Bow Anderson for the first time.

“Bow manages to show an incomparable lightheartedness through her music, even when touching upon heartbreak in some of her songs. After joining our DSCVR at Home series earlier this year, we are very excited to have Bow as one of our Artists To Watch 2021, as we believe she is destined for big things!”

To be a Vevo DSCVR Artist to watch is pretty crazy!! I’m so excited and grateful to have been picked. Having the support of Vevo is truly a bucket-list moment and I am very honoured.

Bow Anderson to MBW


Parul Chokshi, Senior Director, Talent Booking, VEVO: “Surf Mesa’s electro-pop songs are not only crazy catchy, they evoke a feeling, a mood that you don’t soon forget.

“We’re especially excited to share these performances, as Surf Mesa has delivered a stunningly sultry version of his hit song ily (i love you baby) and the ethereal Somewhere with Gus Dapperton’s reverie-inducing vocals.”

I’m incredibly grateful to be a Vevo DSCVR Artist to Watch this year – it’s a program full of incredible alumni and to be counted among them is a huge achievement for me.

What made it extra-special is that this performance was the first time I was able to play my songs live since the pandemic began. I felt the energy from the Vevo staff on set and thank them for their work in bringing the showcase to life.

Surf Mesa to MBW


Alex Morley, Music & Talent Manager, VEVO: “Already an accomplished songwriter, Gracey made the bold move of establishing herself as an artist in her own right last year. With a brilliant debut EP, alongside a string of incredible singles under her belt, we can’t help but think that was a great decision!

“Her upcoming Art of Closure mini album sees Gracey hitting her stride with some achingly catchy pop hits. These two performances are an absolute blast and it’s clear that this is just the tip of the iceberg for Gracey.”

It feels so exciting to be a VEVO Artist To Watch; I’ve watched the DSCVR videos for years and it’s been a dream of mine to one day do my own!

I had SO much fun filming and performing; I haven’t had a chance to do many live performances so far what with the events of 2020, so it felt amazing! Big love to VEVO for the support and can’t for what’s the come in 2021.

Gracey to MBW


Carl Young, Head of Music & Talent, VEVO EU: “Fiery, feisty and unapologetically confident, Shaybo grabbed my attention from the first listen.

“It’s always a sight to behold to watch a strong woman break through in such a male-dominated scene, and Shaybo brings an additional worldliness to the genre that sets her apart.

“It’s an incredible experience to listen to her deliver hard bars, then switch into Yoruba as a salute to her Nigerian heritage. I’m thrilled to have her on our list this year, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for the undisputed Queen of The South.”

Massive thank you to VEVO for supporting my music and highlighting me as an Artist To Watch. I had so much fun creating my DSCVR video and it’s such an honour to be placed alongside such amazing artists also doing their thing.

Shaybo to MBW


David McTiernan, Senior Director, Artist & Label Relations, VEVO: “Giveon is one of the most captivating new forces in R&B. He brings a worldliness and elegance to his music, nodding to classic influences while maintaining a thoroughly contemporary sound – equally at home with Frank Sinatra as he is with Drake or Pop Smoke.

“His rich, deep voice smolders through songs that give well-worn topics of intimacy and heartbreak a fresh perspective, and the momentum he’s built in such a short amount of time shows that audiences are taking note.

“We can’t wait to see where he takes us in 2021 and beyond as he solidifies himself as an important new voice.”

I’m so excited to be a part of this class. I’ve discovered amazing artists through VEVO DSCVR so I’m thrilled to now be a part of it.

Giveon to MBW


Mika Sunga, Manager, Music Programming, VEVO: “When I first came across Toosii’s music I knew immediately that he was going to be the next one up.

“His music is not only dope, but his lyrics tell a story that are just as compelling as the beats they ride on.

“As I watch his career growing so quickly, I’m proud to have him as a part of ATW 2021.”

It was a great experience, and I had a lot of fun, working with Vevo on this initiative. From the set up to seeing how everything run I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing what we do in 2021. Let’s go!

Toosii to MBW


Jordan Ferree, Associate Manager, Artist & Label Relations, VEVO: “Flo exudes unapologetic confidence and empowers females everywhere with her witty bars and pop-trap beats.

“She is more focused than ever, unafraid to show her versatility while always staying true to who she is.

“We got to know her this year, but come 2021, no one will forget her.”


Jodeci Rampasard, Junior Manager of Music & Talent, VEVO: “Holding songs like Rover and Loose under his Belt, S1mba is notorious for delivering feel good hits.

“With his catchy hooks and fresh melodies, he’s become one to watch within the UK scene.

“We’re delighted to have him as our ATW and I strongly believe his sound will carry him across seas.”

When I was younger I used to spend my time watching the VEVO DSCVR channel and now VEVO are here supporting me, grateful always.

It’s been an honour to be selected, I appreciate the whole VEVO team and enjoyed shooting with them. Excited for you guys to see it and to see more of me in 2021!

S1mba to MBW


Jodeci Rampasard, Junior Manager of Music & Talent, VEVO: “With an impeccable flow and captivating bars.

“Pa Salieu has played the frontline position throughout 2020.

“Delivering energy packed anthems, like My Family and slick gritty melodies like Betty.

“I couldn’t think of an artist to watch list without him. He’s a great representation of a multi-dimensional artist and we’re super excited to see what the future holds.”

To be selected as a VEVO artist is a very motivating position to be in, last year I wouldn’t have thought I’d have a channel of my own let alone being part of the channel itself.

No Cap, I was seeing my favourite artists on the channel, now I’m being selected… I find it crazy! I’m very appreciative, I can’t even speak of my gratitude – it means a lot to me.

I’m going to have to take the opportunity with all my energy.

Pa Salieu to MBW


James Mecker, Manager, Music Programming, VEVO: “In alternative rock, we sometimes overlook the term ‘alternative’ to instead focus on the familiar, so my head turns whenever someone like KennyHoopla can come along to rattle the cage and draw fresh blood out of an old genre.

“By taking the familiar and mixing in his own perspective as a Gen Z kid who never let genre define his tastes in the first place, this alt hero preserves the legacy of rock while ushering it into a new decade.”

I remember watching these videos all the time and thinking about how unreal it would be to be in that white square box and now I am, all I feel is grateful and confused haha.

Truly so so appreciative to be a part of this.

KennyHoopla to MBW


Carl Young, Head of Music & Talent, VEVO EU: “There’s no denying Scribz Riley’s talent, already a highly acclaimed award-winning producer with two Grammy awards!

“Scribz is responsible for some of the biggest records over the last few years. Now with only four Scribz Riley releases, he’s already cemented himself as an artist we all need to pay attention to.

“2021 is going to be his year and we’re excited to introduce him with these DSCVR Artist To Watch 2021 performances.”


Alex Morley, Manager, Music & Content, VEVO: “We can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for Finn Askew.

“With just a handful of tracks released it’s already very clear that Finn is a gifted songwriter, producer and performer with a wide range of influences. With his Peach EP dropping in January there’s plenty more in store from the talented 19 year old.

“I was so impressed hearing Finn’s vocal range in the studio, he’s got a soulful tone that seems effortless and is sure to hit-home with fans across the globe.”

So gassed to be part of VEVO’s Artists To Watch 2021! To see my name up with all this other talent is crazy! This is all bless!

Finn Askew to MBW


Sam Mackoff, Senior Manager, Artist & Label Relations, VEVO: “Remi Wolf is undeniably one of the most exciting new voices in pop music.

“Her authenticity coupled with her catchy tracks & wildly creative visuals has us excited for what’s to come.

“Remi’s self-described “funky soul pop” music, has paved a lane that is so uniquely her own. Earlier this year, her EP, I’m Allergic To Dogs!, caught our attention & landed her a feature in our DSCVR at Home series.

“We are excited to continue the partnership with Artist to Watch, as the momentum continues into 2021 & beyond.”

I am truly honored to be included in an incredible group of creative and progressive artists. I’m so excited especially because it was my first time performing with my band in so long. I needed that. I love Vevo. Vevo is life blood. God bless Vevo.

Remi Wolf to MBW


Amberliz Mateo, Associate Manager, Music Programming, VEVO: “There’s no doubt that at just 19 years old 24kGoldn has made massive waves in the music industry with the success of his biggest hit ‘Mood’.

“While being at the top of the list in multiple genre categories, the singer/rapper has proven that the idea of being confined to one single genre just doesn’t exist anymore.

“With his creativity and distinct sound, 24kGoldn is bound to have a vibe for everyone.

“We’re so excited to have him as part of our DSCVR ‘Artist To Watch’ roster and we’re certain that there will be much more success for him in 2021.”

Had a lot of fun performing these songs with my best friend omer, can’t wait for the world to see everything we’ve been workin on.

24kGoldn to MBW


Carl Young, Head of Music & Talent, VEVO EU: “Olivia Dean’s warming soulful voice is going to be something I predict we’ll be hearing a lot more next year and beyond.

“There’s a real truth and honesty to Olivia’s songwriting, drawing upon personal experiences, wrapped up with soulful joy and delivered with her distinct humorous charm.

“She’s an incredible artist and i’m delighted to have her included in our DSCVR Artists To Watch 2021 campaign.”


Carl Young, Head of Music & Talent, VEVO EU: “Holly is one of those rare, raw, honest talents, since first hearing Deep End I’ve been captivated ever since.

“She has the ability to command your attention with her ethereal voice, songwriting and striking delivery.

“I’m overjoyed to have Holly Humberstone involved in our DSCVR Artists To Watch 2021 series and I’m equally as excited to see her continue to grow and enchant new audiences.”

Buzzing to have been selected by VEVO DSCVR to be a part of their Artist To Watch campaign.

They always champion my favourite artists so it’s crazy to have been chosen for this !!! So excited for the release of the performance. I loved being a part of it !

Holly Humberstone to MBW


Alex Morley, Music & Talent Manager, VEVO: “Muti-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Alfie Templeman is on the rise and we’ve no doubt that 2021 is going to be a big year for the ambitious young performer.

“Alfie’s sound seamlessly swings from breezy dream-pop to upbeat guitar funk and at just 17 years old, there’s no telling where his sound (or his career) can go.

“2020 has been a tough year for emerging artists, particularly in the independent community, but you wouldn’t guess that from the way Alfie’s star has risen this year, Chess Club and AWAL are working with Alfie to bring us some much needed up-beat energy.

“These sessions are brilliant, make sure you check out the world-exclusive of Alfie’s new track Wait I Lied, which won’t be available anywhere else until next year!”

I’m honoured to be included in the DSCVR Artists To Watch 2021! As an independent artist, it’s so awesome to be acknowledged by such a great group of people who are into what I’m just creating in my bedroom!

Alfie Templeman to MBW


Gabby Prisciandaro, Associate Director, Talent & Label Relations, VEVO: “Kylie Morgan’s sound is nothing short of contagious.

“‘I’m a wrecking ball, red lipstick on’ Kylie sings in her hit, Break Things and that is exactly the type of fierce, female energy we wanted to capture for our DSCVR Artists to Watch program.

“Armed with her powerhouse voice, guitar shredding and storytelling, Kylie is going to take Nashville and 2021 by storm.”

There are always other artists that inspire you. The kind of people that make you want to work harder, write better songs and connect on a deeper level through your music.

I honestly still cannot believe that Vevo chose me to be included in a class full of artists that do this very thing. I am beyond grateful.

Kylie Morgan to MBW


Julie Fernandez, Manager, Latin Artist & Label Relations, VEVO: “Dylan Fuentes was an immediate pick for us for our exclusive Vevo DSCVR ATW annual program.

“This Colombian heartthrob’s catchy music and unique sound automatically set him aside from the rest. With A-list collaborations such as Tainy, Mau y Ricky and Myke Towers already under his belt, we know Dylan’s on the rise straight to the top.

“His hit tracks MENTE and NOCHES DE SOLEDAD have us waiting at the edge of our seats for all of his upcoming unreleased music. This is just the beginning. We’re excited to watch Dylan take the Latin world by storm in 2021 and beyond.”

2020 has been a year of progress for me amidst the obstacles the world as a whole has been faced with, but along with that there have been moments of growth as an artist.

I am excited to have been selected as one of VEVO’s 2021 DSCVR Artists to Watch!

This is an incredible program that showcasing up and coming talent from all genres and for me what is really special is that I am the only Latin music artist in the lineup this year.

Extremely grateful to VEVO for giving a kid from Colombia the spotlight!

Dylan Fuentes to MBW