Twitter just added longer video uploads as a new feature to their $8 per month paid subscription model – Twitter Blue.

Upped from the usual 2 minutes and 20 seconds limit, Twitter Blue subscribers can now upload 2-hour long 1080p videos to Twitter, with a maximum file size of 8GB. This feature is currently only available to and iOS users, with Android capped at 10 minutes.

Twitter CEO, Elon Musk Tweeted the news last week, while the comments were full of memes and full-length movies.

The feature is now available as part of Twitter’s controversial subscription plan Twitter Blue. For $8 ($11 on iOS and Android) per month or $84 ($114.99 on iOS and Android) per year, Twitter Blue grants users a blue checkmark, Edit Tweet button, longer Tweets and more features.

How to Tweet long videos

Firstly, you’ll need to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

  • Head here, or if you’re on the app, tap your profile picture, then Twitter Blue
  • Choose between an annual or monthly membership
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to pay
  • You can now upload 2-hour videos to Twitter