An artist imagining of what the new iPhone X might look like

Today is the big iPhone announcement day, and the device everyone’s waiting for is the 10th anniversary, feature-packed iPhone X.

The iPhone X is going to be a big one, and not just because it’s the first to break from their numerical tags, at least in Arabic numerals. Marking 10 years since the very first iPhone was released the iPhone X looks to be a much-needed departure from their slight model improvements with a bunch of actually exciting new features and software improvements.

Very little beyond its name has been leaked but here’s what the leaks suggest so far:

It’s not the iPhone 8: With the last iPhone being the iPhone 7 you’d think that logically the next iPhone would be the iPhone 8. The iPhone X does not replace the iPhone 8 and in fact the ‘8’ will be announced alongside the iPhone X later today.

No more home button: The famous center-circle button on iPhones and various iOS products is not making an appearance on the iPhone X. Instead they’re filling that empty space at the bottom with precious cm’s more screen space.

Full screen display: Apple are reportedly getting rid of the space at the top of the smartphone on the front as well. Their aim being an entire side of display for a whopping 5.8 inches of high-definition display.

Next-gen processing: Apple have developed new processors for their new phones. The new ‘A11 Fusion’ chip will be able to run 6 cores… SIX!

RAM-p it up: iPhone X will feature a whopping 3GB of ram under the hood.

Forget fingerprint recognition: With no home-button the iPhone X may not have fingerprint ID-ing capability.

Selfie Security: Whether it features fingerprinting or not the X will be able to recognise your face so it unlocks only for you using the front camera.

Wireless charging: It’s about time Apple got into wireless charging and apparently they are now! But you will also apparently have to buy a wireless charger separately to make use of it…

Make a move: With no front facing buttons anymore it’s expected that the iPhone X will feature a much higher understanding of gestures for seamless navigation through the smartphone.

Be sure to catch the live-stream on Apple’s website at 10am today.