UMG have finally launched The Sound of Vinyl in the US offering tens-of-thousands of records from massive artists to rising indie’s.

Universal Music Group have launched their vinyl record store in the US after seeing success in the UK and Australia over the past few years. To make up for being so late to bring the service over multiple ponds The Sound of Vinyl are offering a special discovery and recommendation service.

For their US launch The Sound of Vinyl has launched a text-service activated upon sign-up when you give them your mobile number. Once they have your number they will text you a “taste profile” to fill in and determine your tastes and which records you would like. Once they know what you dig they will send you daily texts with recommendations for albums they think you’d like.

The texts will feature your most recommended records with their artwork, in case the artwork is enough to entice you, and the price. Unlike most text services you can, and are encouraged to, reply to the texts with “like” or “dislike” to let them know what you thought of the recommendation, refining future recommendations. If you did like the recommendation, buying it is as simple as texting “yes” in response after which you’ll be sent the record in 5-7 days.

It’s possibly the easiest way to buy records I’ve ever heard of, but what if you want to buy a record that hasn’t been specifically recommended to you? That’s simple as well – give Sound of Vinyl a text about the record you’re looking for and they’ll respond with an offer to buy it if they have it in stock. Whilst their stock may be limited due to the fact they only sell new (unused) records at least you know you’re getting a fresh vinyl from a reliable source.

This is the big thing currently separating them from the current dedicated home for selling vinyl online, Discogs. Discogs has the upper hand in pure variety with incredibly rare records and vinyl that is no longer pressed thanks to offering a used marketplace as well as new. The Sound of Vinyl certainly has an interesting way of helping you find new music, and that could help it carve out a place alongside Discogs.

From The Sound of Vinyl’s official website you can browse their full catalogue, including exclusive and limited edition vinyl records. Their website also offers curated lists from renowned industry figures including punk legend Henry Rollins, engineer and DJ for Jay-Z – Young Guru and more.

If you’re in the US you can sign up now, or just browse the site for some additions to your collection.