ADSR Sounds have released a new pack of Lofi presets which offer an authentic, degraded sound for low-fidelity music.

Published by Baby Audio, the Lofi sample pack is packed with sounds made on and for the developers’ new BA-1 synthesizer, demonstrating what this software synthesizer can do.

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Baby Audio’s “LOFI – Presets for BA-1” preset pack contains 50 original royalty-free sounds ranging from plucks, pads, leads, keys, and bass.

You can get the Lofi sound pack for an introductory price of $15 until May 25th, at which point the price will rise to $19. However, you can get the packs for free with a purchase of the BA-1 soft synth during the promotion.

on music history, while still flying somewhat under the hype radar. The original has been used as a secret weapon for bubbly synth textures by some of Sweden’s most successful pop producers of the past two decades. It was also a staple of 1990s digital dancehall and beloved by the indietronica scene for its raw lo-fi quality. The ‘CS01’ – as the original is called – has never been properly captured in software form. So for our first-ever synth, we started there.

Baby Audio’s BA-1 synth is a modern synth that BA state is their reimagining of a “cultish 1982 analog synth that looked like a toy but sounded like a beast.” Now, LOFI – Presets for BA-1 “exploits the full sonic potential of BA-1”, and the pack gives you a total of 50 presets designed to offer an authentic LOFI experience.

BA-1 is based on a portable 1980 synths with a toylike appearance and a gritty sound. Despite its small size, it left a big mark on music history, while still flying somewhat under the hype radar.

Baby Audio

The developer continues to say you ADSR Sounds LOFI – Presets for BA-1 demonstrates how the BA-1 synth allows you to “evoke warmth, comfort, familiarity and immerse your listeners in a visceral, nostalgic soundscape”.

Baby Audio’s BA-1 software synth is available now for $49 in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats.

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