Drums are a huge component of a signature sound for an electronic music producer, and now there’s a new drum synth to help you hone yours.

Air Music Technology has released Air DrumSynth, a drum synthesizer that the developer describes as “a revolutionary synthesizer drum machine plugin instrument for powerful drum sound design.”

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AIR DrumSynth

AIR DrumSynth gives you multiple synth engines, each designed for building different drum voices. DrumSynth combines FM synthesis with both analog modelling and physical modelling algorithms to give you 8 individual sound engines for Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi-Hat, Tom, Percussion, Crash and Ride.

As a result, AIR DrumSynth a flexible tool for creating authentic drums that snap, crack, and pop. Further, the drum synthesizer offers some sound manipulation and processing options too, with onboard audio effects including a transient shaper, tuning, EQ, compression, reverb and delay.

Moreover, it’s simple user interface is easy to navigate with dedicated columns and level faders for each drum voice. Voice settings become available after clicking on a voice, and the parameters are laid out neatly in an orderly form. Finally, you can store your drum sounds and recall them easily with the onboard preset slots.

AIR DrumSynth features

  • Build and design any synthesized drum sound
  • 52 inspiring preset kits from classics to new creations
  • Powerful sound generators driven by completely new FM synthesis, analog and physical modeling, and sample-based algorithms
  • 8 Individual Engines: Kick, Snare, Clap, Percussion, Tom, Crash, Hi-Hat, and Ride
  • Sound-shaping FX including transient shaper, tuning, EQ, compression, delay, reverb and more
  • Dedicated mixer with independent controls
  • Classic ‘one-shot’ feature


You can get DrumSynth now for an introductory price of $39 with its RRP being $100. The plugin is combatable with Windows 10 + & macOS 11.7 +, and it’s available in VST/3, AU & AAX plugin formats.