I uploaded a release on my RouteNote account but when I go to my releases it isn’t there. Where has it gone?

If you can’t find your release in your discography section then don’t worry, it hasn’t disappeared from our system! When you head to your discography section on your RouteNote Account you can view any releases you have created and released.
Your release will be under ‘Free Distribution’ or ‘Premium Distribution’ depending on which model you have chosen to release your music by. Once you click on either of these you will need to select from the ‘Album’, ‘Single’, ‘EP’, or ‘EXTD’ sections depending on what kind of release you uploaded to find yours.
From there you can find your UPC number, edit the details of your release, upgrade to Premium if you uploaded for free, and also check the status of your release. Your status will tell you whether your release is waiting to be moderated, needs action done to it, or if it has been approved and sent to stores.
If you still can’t find your release then check the Unfinished Releases section where releases that haven’t been completed for moderation are stored.

If you’re still having issues our friendly support team will be happy to help you out so just send them a message at support@routenote.com.