Track your music plays on radio and TV with Radio Tools

Monitoring 40k radio stations and 1.2k TV channels, Radio Tools provides artists, managers and labels with valuable airplay insights.

While streaming is continually providing a tailored music experience for millions of listeners around the world, radio plays still remain a value asset for many artists, introducing up-and-coming artists to the masses. However, radio plays are notoriously difficult to track.

Track your radio and television plays in real-time with Radio Tools. Radio Tools claim the world’s largest coverage of FM/AM, DAB, online radio, satellite radio and satellite TV stations across 169 countries. This insight shows you what tracks are being played where and how, letting you target future promotion to key demographics. No need to upload your tracks, as Radio Tools uses catalogues from top streaming services.

Radio Tools gives basic reports for free. For full reports, get a two week free trial, then pay €4 per artist per month or €39 per artist per year. Alternatively €1 per track per month or €10 per track per year.

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