When it comes time to mixing and mastering your track you want a tool that is powerful but not overwhelming. That’s exactly what RoughRider offers.

The internet is full of amazing audio tools from wallet-quivering studio quality effects to the powerful yet incredibly free offerings from generous developers. That does mean it can be hard to find the one that suits you.

That’s why we’re presenting you with our personal favourite compressor that doesn’t cost a thing, possibly the best one out there that is free!


This compact but powerful plugin makes mastering your tracks a dream. It has a simple layout that won’t overwhelm you if you’re just getting started on mastering your own music but will satisfy your needs if you’re experienced with compression.

It’s been a favourite amongst producers and musicians for over a decade and has been updated to keep it fresh and brilliant over it’s lifespan.

Updates in the latest version include an input for external sidechaining, toggles over their ‘warming’ filter, and accurate metering. That’s on top of its accurate attack and release controls with a beautiful display showing you how the audio is responding on top of much more.

Download RoughRider for free here.