This new expressive controller gives you a completely new way to control the motion of your sounds and playing.

Controlling sound has never felt so… feely. Touché is an expressive controller that introduced you to “explore as yet undiscovered sonic territories”. The controller its simple, it’s effect powerful.

The Touché’s main feature is its smooth wooden skin which reacts to the smallest movement, the tiniest amount of pressure, or the slightest vibration to dynamically shape your music. Expressive E, the creators behind Touché say: “It’s so reactive that you can play by swiping your fingers lightly across its wooden surface, and you’ll hear the sound change instantly.”

Using the new dimension of motion your instruments are transformed by applying the parameters you want Touché to control. Using the device’s unique design you gain 4 new dimensions of customisation; up, down, left, and right.

Expressive E Touché MIDI controller instrument
Underneath the Touché shell
  1. Cylinder – Generates the force feeback
  2. Slider – Allows you to reduce lateral movement
  3. Encoder – Changes the sensitivity when turned

It looks beautiful and sounds like a fascinating concept, but does it perform? In MusicRadar’s review, they commented: “Touché is a fresh, innovative and very enjoyable to use device which can bring any hardware and software to life. While the installation process and software could do with some refining/streamlining, Touché and Lié are seriously impressive and we’re really looking forward to seeing more similarly forward-thinking products from Expressive E.”

Get one yourself for €399 and find out more about the impressive Touché MIDI controller from their website: