Tora – Featured Artist of the Week 12th October 2016

Australian indie/electronic group Tora are this week’s featured artist for their unique blend of electronic music and indie rock topped with harmonious vocals reminiscent of James Blake.

Hailing from Byron Bay in Australia, 5-piece indie band Tora are quickly finding international success for their incredible, detailed electronic production, combined with raw indie vibes and gorgeous vocals. With a range of inspirations including Bon Iver, Little Dragon, and Toro Y Moi the band have found their own sound between the energy of electronic music and the chilled atmosphere of indie rock.

Tora achieved their final form as the 5-piece band they are today in 2013 before creating their debut EP in a garage. Tora began creating the concept for their group a year earlier in 2012, deriving their band name for the Greek word “τώρα” which means ‘now’.

Since then Tora have amassed a giant fanbase with millions of plays on SoundCloud and hundreds-of-thousands of listeners every month on Spotify alone. Last year Tora went on a giant worldwide tour that spanned 193 days, visiting 18 countries and nearly 100 cities. For their European leg the guys created a tour diary of their journey and experience, check it out below.

Tora are already seeing great levels of success and with their brilliantly crafted and unique music, combined with their energetic live shows the only way is further up for them. We can’t wait to see what they release next but for the time being chill out to their latest tune ‘Poly Amor’:


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