TikTok’s US users up 5.6m in March month-on-month

For those doubting their influence in the social media landscape, a new report shows numbers to solidify TikTok as the largest social platform in the US.

With the country largely in lockdown, a new report from eMarketer finds 28.8 million unique visitors on the app in March alone. This is up 5.6 million from February.

More importantly, these users aren’t getting bored quickly, with an average of 858 minutes in the app over the month. Up from 731 minutes in February.

A US survey from CivicScience notes 27% of respondents are using TikTok in April this year. Up from 19% in January.

TikTok’s boost in users and revenue is going to good use, with the company donating $375m to combat coronavirus.

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