Podcasts are leading to Spotify Free growing faster than Premium

A new report indicates Spotify’s ad-supported model is growing faster than their subscription model due to the increase of podcast listeners.

Spotify claim to be “the #1 podcast platform U.S. listeners use the most”

Alongside impressive user and subcriber growth, Spotify’s Q3 2021 results shared an interesting podcast stat.

TikTok’s US users up 5.6m in March month-on-month

For those doubting their influence in the social media landscape, a new report shows numbers to solidify TikTok as the largest social platform in the US. With the country largely in lockdown, a new report…

Pandora’s grip on American music streaming to give way to Spotify in 2 years

Pandora have long been the favourites for online music in the US but eMarketer reckons their rein is coming to an end. Spotify are easily one of the world’s leading music streaming services with hundreds…