After announcing last month TikTok’s parent company ByteDance would be donating $10 million to the World Health Organization, TikTok have since stepped up by committing $375m to help those affected by COVID-19.

President of TikTok Alex Zhu recently announced in a blog post, TikTok would be “pledging $250M to support front line medical workers, educators, and local communities deeply affected by the global crisis”. Plus a further “$25M in ads to help trusted organizations deliver crucial public health information and $100M in ad credits as businesses look to rebuild”.

“Looking ahead, TikTok will be actively seeking more ways to contribute, including identifying the most effective ways to allocate these remaining funds to support ongoing relief needs. We understand that these are challenging times for everyone. Alongside businesses, governments, NGOs, and ordinary people across the globe stepping up in this critical moment, we are committed to offering the very best that we can to help out humanity. Together, we will persevere through this time of crisis and emerge a better community and part of a world that we fervently hope will be more united in common purpose than it was before.”

Alex Zhu, President, TikTok

Check out TikTok’s full blog post to see how their funds will help those most affected by coronavirus.