A lot of children have been affected by school closures thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, but TikTok and Arnie are teaming up to help.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s charity After-School All-Stars (ASAS) is trying to help children whose families food security will be affected by school closures. Thanks to the closure of public schools in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, many families are facing troubles feeding themselves.

The charity formed by the actor and former California governor has received a considerable donation from video sharing app TikTok. They’re donating $3 million to the cause saying that families in 60 cities with chapters of the charity will receive food vouchers and gift cards that they can spend on food and other grocery store items they need.

The general manager for TikTok in the US, Vanessa Pappas said: “We are all operating in uncertain times, and it’s more important now than ever before for both our local and global communities to come together to help those in need. This pledge to ASAS will help more students get access to meals, safely provided to them, during the crisis.”

After-School All-Stars have set up chapters across the US and are particularly focusing efforts in cities hardest hit by COVID-19 closures, including: Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington.

TikTok announced that they would also match any donations that their employees make to the charity up to $1 million. Pappas added: “While this alone won’t mitigate the impact of the current situation, we hope it can relieve one worry for parents who are balancing social distancing mandate,s work and caring for children who can no longer go to school each day.”

Arnie himself said: “During a crisis, improvisation is critical and everyone has to look at new ways to help the most vulnerable. The After-School All-Stars programs are paused with schools closed, but we remain commited to supporting the 100,00 families we work with year-round.

“When I founded After-School All-Stars in 1992, the goal was always to support the families who need it the most. I’m grateful to TikTok for their donation which allows us to shift our priorities so our team can safely deliver groceries and gift cards for groceries to the families we help.”