Saving the music you discover on TikTok is easier than ever with the Add to Music button now available in countries around the world.

Last month, TikTok added a new button for music lovers. ‘Add to Music App‘ lets users add the track from a video they’re watching into their libraries with a single click. TikTok have partnered with Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music so far.

TikTok have just expanded the feature beyond the US and UK, where it initially dropped. The ‘Add to Music App’ feature is now also available in Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, Argentina, Colombia, The Netherlands, Turkey, South Africa, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Amazon Music will not be an option in countries where the service isn’t available.

TikTok’s Global Head of Music Business development Ole Obermann said that there had been an “incredible response” so far.

Considering TikTok users absolutely adore music and use the app to discover new songs, it’s a perfect blend. Music is huge on the TikTok app, as video creators have access to a huge library of tracks which they can use as the soundtrack to their videos.

It’s great for creators and offers huge potential for artists too. A viral trend or a successful video with their music can blow an artist’s career up and into stardom. As one of the most popular apps in the world and the integral inclusion of music on the platform, TikTok offers a fantastic way for artists to get discovered. Even more so with the ‘Add to Music App’ button helping take that exposure beyond TikTok itself.

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