TIDAL’s Holiday Offer – get 4 months of Premium or HiFi for just $/£4

TIDAL are offering new members 4 months of any subscription for just $4 or £4. This includes Premium, Family Premium, HiFi or Family HiFi.

TIDAL are giving away four months of any TIDAL plan for just $/£4 for a limited time only. TIDAL Premium is usually priced at $/£9.99 per month or Family Premium (5 family member accounts) for $/£14.99 per month. While TIDAL HiFi is usually $/£19.99 per month or $/£29.99 per month for Family HiFi.

If you’re after lossless music streaming, this could be a very cheap way to dabble. TIDAL Premium offers AAC quality audio at 320 Kbps. TIDAL HiFi offers high-res quality up to 9216 Kbps.

On top of fantastic audio quality, both Premium and HiFi accounts offer an impressive 70+ million songs, that matches industry leading Apple Music’s expansive catalogue. All songs are ad-free, with unlimited skips, available on any device, with personalized mixes, artist radio, curated playlists, videos and livestreams. Offline listening is also available for on-the-go listening.

TIDAL Holiday Offer

The Holiday Offer is available for new listeners in the US and UK. Click here to see more and subscribe.

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