Tidal join Spotify in letting listeners block artists they don’t want to see

Some artists you don’t want to even have to think about for various reasons. Streaming services are helping you avoid the artists you don’t want to see.

Last month Spotify added a feature that lets you mute artists. This stops them coming up naturally in your streaming experience. For example if you’re listening to a playlist with them in or a radio stream then muted artists will automatically be removed from them. Now Tidal are joining the streaming services letting users block artists.

Tidal now lets listeners block artists or specific songs which will stop them appearing in My Mix personalised playlists and track radio. The artist or track will never play again on a user’s Tidal once blocked and needs to be unblocked from their app settings to hear it again.

The ability comes in the wake of R Kelly’s abuse allegations coming to the forefront more than ever, which have seen calls for Spotify to remove R Kelly from their music streaming platform. Spotify have been reluctant to take the popstar off in a blanket removal but want people to have the ability to take him out of their streaming experience if they want to.

The ability may have been added to avoid having to see or hear of artists that people think are abhorrent but has further application. For example, if you’re a pop music lover but you’re sick of hearing a hit single that keeps popping up then you can eliminate it from your mixes and personalised playlists.

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