What Artist has Released the Most Albums Ever?

Its very hard to know definitively who has released the most albums of all time, but Gregory Isaacs has to be very close.

Gregory Isaacs was a Jamaican reggae artist. Isaacs released his first album in 1975 and then went on to release over 120 individual albums before his death in 2010. This number doesn’t include compilation. If you include compilations there are over 500 Gregory Isaac albums in the world.

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    Buckethead has released 306 studio albums to date, has made over 400 in total with other bands and hasn’t made any compilations, I would say that compilations don’t count as it isn’t new material.

    There’s a really really really bad rapper that goes by the name of Viper that doesn’t have a single song that has had any passion or quality put into it, but DAMN does the man have work ethic. From a combination of prior attained knowledge and a quick tally, I can say that Viper has a minimum of 550-600 albums in his discography.

    The Last River Bottomed Fig Plucker has released over 170 albums so far in one year. He just started releasing in 2019. I’m sure no one will ever come close to that record since he lives in a recording studio.

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