TIDAL’s entry level subscription is seeing a $1 price increase in the US, with similar increases in other markets around the world.

Emails have started going out to TIDAL HiFi subscribers, informing them of an upcoming price increase from August 1st. Since restructuring their subscription tiers back in November 2021, the price of a HiFi subscription in the US has stayed at $9.99 per month. US HiFi subscribers will be seeing their memberships increase to $10.99 from next month. TIDAL Family subscriptions are also increasing by $2, from $14.99 to $16.99 per month. There’s currently no change to TIDAL’s $19.99 HiFi Plus model.

According to users on Reddit, additional markets are seeing similar price increases, including UK, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Croatia, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Slovakia.

This price rise isn’t unusual, as we’ve seen similar increases come to Apple Music, Amazon Music and Deezer in the US in the past year, all of which are priced at $10.99 for their entry level subscription. Nothing from Spotify just yet, beyond rumours of a Supremium higher priced tier inbound.

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