An Amazon Music price increase is coming! The price per month of streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited is set to rise in 2023 – here’s how much you’ll be paying.

When did Amazon Music go up in price? Not yet, but Amazon have announced under-the-radar that prices are going to rise soon. 21 February 2023 is the date to watch out for – that’s when subscriptions will go up by a dollar in the US and a pound in the UK.

How much does Amazon Music Unlimited cost? Currently $9.99 a month, the price of Amazon Music Unlimited is set to rise to $10.99. That’s the cost of the Individual Plan – also increasing is the Student Plan price, which will go up to $5.99. The extra $1 or £1 might not seem like a lot, but it’s worth looking at the prices of other streaming services to see why the Amazon Music price increase matters.

In a streaming landscape where platforms have similar catalogues and offerings, raising the price of Amazon Music Unlimited is a gamble for the company. Its easy to switch streaming provider and all DSPs offer free trials so you can test if you’d prefer the likes of Spotify or Deezer.

A $10.99 per month Amazon Music Unlimited cost puts the service in line with Apple Music, which increased its cost in October 2022. Whilst Amazon has raised prices quietly, Apple claimed the increase was in order for artists and songwriters to earn more from music streaming. Whether that will be the case for Amazon – or indeed for Apple Music – will become clear in artists’ payouts after the price rise.

More generally, Amazon has made a couple of cost-cutting steps in recent weeks, including letting 18,000 staff go.

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