International ticket sellers Ticketmaster are integrating Bandsintown into their app to make nearby live music more accessible than ever.

As part of plans to partner with various new companies Ticketmaster and Bandsintown have integrated their mobile apps. Bandsintown is an app that lets you see what artists are playing near you, when, and where. This new partnership means that you can see local gigs and book a ticket seamlessly.

Ticketmaster’s North American president, Jared Smith, said they want to make people more aware of live music in their vicinity. Smith said: “We’ve been partnering with a bunch of people like Bandsintown to drive that awareness. We have awareness problems in all those key categories so we partner with sites that have audiences that are complimentary to our own. We believe this integration is a big step forward by allowing users to stay within the app.

“Historically we’ve been a single channel seller and this is a way to be an open channel seller. Roughly 75% to 80% of fans are using their mobile device to discover events that they want to go to. So this is a big bet on the commerce side.”

According to Bandsintown chief executive Fabrice Sergent they have an audience of roughly 23 million registered users. That’s a lot of people looking to find live music nearby and with Ticketmaster’s integration will hopefully lead to a lot more people buying tickets to see local gigs thanks to the integration of discovery and purchase..

Sergent said: “Being mobile first and enabling the transaction to happen one-click away from the app is a key progress. That will have a significant impact and a positive impact for the app users.” He also mentioned that they provide around 7 million locals to concerts at local venues.

Ticketmaster’s Jared Smith said that based on beta testing by the company conversion rates could rise by 5X. Talking on their other partnerships they have planned Smith said: “We’re not opening the floodgates all at once. We’re going to roll out those partnerships incrementally.” He added that they want to find out more about their users so that they can create personalised experiences for them.

To use the new integrated experience of both apps you just need to open up the Bandsintown app for iOS or Android and when you find an event you want to go to you’ll be able to click a button to buy a ticket. At the moment you will need to enter your card information to make the payment but Smith says that various wallets will be integrated in future for even easier checkout.

Events with verified ticketing will start appearing by the end of the month and will increase as both companies add more artists.