Brush those Winter blues away with a reminder of what’s to come in a few months with the incredible sounds of 3 artists from Tropical Pressure.

RouteNote Sessions have done it again, bringing the incredible, colourful, and infectiously catchy sounds of the “best small UK music festival”. Tropical Pressure is a festival that takes place in rural Cornwall but brings the culture of the world’s brightest corners for a melting pot of music, fantastic food, and indelible vibes.

We’re so excited to be bringing you even more of 2023’s fantastic happenings, presented by the RouteNote Sessions team. Following the release of Juanita Euka’s explosive Tropical Pressure set, we have 3 more artists to present that will get you up off of the sofa and dancing around your room within seconds. Get ready for the infectious groove of:

Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy – Sala An Songa

La Dame Blanche – Cogelo Con Calma

Want to hear more of the greatest music from around the world, from Tropical Pressure and beyond? Head to the RouteNote Sessions channel now to watch all live sessions:

Like what you see? We know you do! Tickets for Tropical Pressure 2024 are now on sale here: