Image Credit: Jimin Hwang and Jihyo Seo

Wish your records could levitate elegantly before your very eyes? That’s the Levi turntable’s lofty ambition…

Gravity is for suckers. A newly designed turntable makes it possible to elevate your beloved records like they deserve, and watch the vinyl levitate before your very eyes… sort of.

The new concept for the “floating” turntable, named the Levi, was designed by Jimin Hwang and Jihyo Seo from Seoul, inspired by the designs of Harman Kardon. The use of an electromagnetic drive and coils means the records appear to levitate as they turn.

The Levi record player has four settings, soothing, refreshing, sweet, and bittersweet. Choose a mode and the platter moves up and down. It’s got a super-fresh pure white base and tonearms in bright colours that can be swapped over. It looks cool, basically.

No word on how the records actually sound, though. And sadly there’s no release date set for the turntable as of yet, so you’ll have to keep using your boring gravity-obeying turntable for now.

Vinyl records have never been so popular. Despite the age of Spotify and streaming, enthusiasts still love the ritual of removing the record from the sleeve and listening to the music in a raw, authentic way. They’re also a must-have accessory to display in the home – that’s the category that the Levi fits into. Last year, sales of vinyl made more money than CDs for the first time since the 1980s.