Amazon launches Vinyl of the Month Club

In addition to having a solid streaming service, Amazon is now trying to push into the physical music realm with its new Vinyl Club.

There’s a new turntable that makes your vinyl records float

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After A Record Breaking Year For Sales On Vinyl Here Are The UK’s Top Selling Albums Of 2020.

Vinyl Sales Has It’s Best Week In History

A Record 1.842 Million Units Were Sold In The US Alone In The Run Up To Christmas.

UK Vinyl Sales Heading For Best Year In Three Decades

UK vinyl sales hit a three-decade high as sales are fuelled by lockdown restrictions.

How vinyl has captured listeners during COVID-19

Despite the closure of many physical stores, 2020 has seen record sales increase by 4% in the US, while CDs are down 48%. Vinyl records started to decline in popularity in the 70s as compact…

Vinyl records are making more money than CDs, first time since the 1980s

For the first time in 4 decades vinyl records have reclaimed their place as the most valuable physical form of music in the US. It’s been a shaky year for the music industry. After a…

This is the most expensive record ever

There are some incredibly rare records out there that ar worth a LOT of money, you might even have some in your collection. But what’s the most valuable vinyl record in the world? Vinyl records…

The top 5 places to share your music and reach listeners

It’s finished, the song is written, the pieces are recorded, the tracks are produced and the final mix down complete – what’s next? Creating, recording and finishing a track can feel like the whole process…

If a vinyl record was LSD, it would be this (video)

What’s your most prized record in your vinyl collection? Maybe it’s a coloured record, or perhaps it’s in a unique shape. But does it make you trip? This amazing record has an optical illusion that…