Theremin – A Web Synthesizer


Warning: You will find yourself spending hours achieving absolutely nothing on this site.
Luke, a web designer for Femur Design, has created a full touch synthesizer, reminiscent of the retro theremin instrument.
The theremin was developed in the 1920s. It allows the player to move their hand around an antenna without physical contact, to alter the pitch and sound.

With plenty of customization to alter Waveform, Delay Time, Feedback and Scuzz this theremin will keep you entertained for hours!

This theremin synth is all built in javascript using the Web Audio API with HTML5 canvas. This means no matter what operating system you use, Mac, PC or mobile, this will work naively, as long as your web browser’s up to date. We suggest Chrome or Safari.
Tip: When using on mobile, flip to landscape for more functionality.

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