elvis presleyThose of you not lucky [Ha ha] enough to live in the UK may have missed this Easter Monday’s broadcast of The People’s Artist Chart on the Beeb. Based on plays reported to Phonographic Performance Limited, AKA PPL, a body that licenses broadcast and other performances of tracks that are signed up to its catalogue (and charges mysteriously priced licensing fees to venues), the chart detailed the artists that had most plays in the decade 2000-2009. Here they are:

1. Madonna
2. The Beatles
3. Robbie Williams
4. Queen
5. Take That
6. Sugababes
7. Elton John
8. Elvis Presley
9. Abba
10. Coldplay

Incredible to see Elvis still topping the play charts after almost 40 years since his death, and that the pop bands of yesteryear are still more active on the airwaves than current acts. Does this list really define the decade? Listen to the programme via the BBC iPlayer here, and make your own mind up.