Image credit: Fanan Team Pro

Create the perfect 80s and 90s sounds for synth music with Monica 3, an amazing VST synth module with a sequencer and synth keyboard.

The iconic sounds of the late 20th century were often made with the increasingly powerful and archetypal synthesizers that opened up new doors for music makers. Whether it was the swelling synthetic soundtracks filling cinema auditoriums – think John Carpenter – or the peppy synthesised sounds that were becoming more and more common in popular music.

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Now there’s a way for you to explore the potential with old-school synthesizer sounds on your computer at no cost. Fanan Team Pro‘s Monica 3 is a free dual-layered 90’s style synth that works as a VST virtual instrument for use in music software like DAWs and can be fully customised to create entirely new sounds.

Monica 3 uses 2 very different oscillators that offer an incredible depth of potential sound with almost infinite levels of exploration. The first has 50 wavetables with another 50 wavetables for morphing, followed by the very interesting second one which uses a pad oscillator with 8 waveforms for that retro 90s style sound.

There is so much more to customise and explore beyond the oscillators with 2 different modulation options featuring 6 LFOS, each capable of BPM syncing. Then there are 6 effects to tweak the tone to within an inch of its life, offering Cabinet, Wah, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, and up to 8 voices unison. A 16-step, built-in arpeggiator lets users play with repeated sequences of chords with a bunch of options to tweak how it arpeggiates the chords that you control by playing notes.