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Hype your new release and get fans begging for the drop with these 3 simple methods.

Making the best track you’ve ever written doesn’t automatically mean interest will be buzzing over it. You need to get people wanting it so that when it comes out you have the audience waiting to listen to what you’ve got to give.

The best way to have fans longing for what you’re about to drop is with some smart teases. Give them just enough to taste the greatness, but leave them wanting more so that come release day they just HAVE to tune in to get the rest.

We’ve got three methods to make sure your next release is hot before it even drops.

First of all, to upload your music to all streaming platforms use Set a release date far enough in the future that your music can be in stores and ready with plenty of time to promote it in advance. Ideally, at least a month.

How to give fans song snippets

There’s no better way to tease your new release than to give the people a little taste of the song itself.

Find a snappy moment, an exciting bit if possible or something that builds up to a climax. This will create the most excitement if it builds energy in people and then they’ll just need to hear more of when the crescendo tops out.

Export a short snippet (20-30 seconds). Then, use to create a Reward Link. This’ll allow you to place your file on a landing page that fans can head to and download the snippet. It’s free!

The best bit is, you can ask them to do something in return, such as follow or like your page. So you build the hype and your following!

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Build your artwork

It’s time to chop your artwork up! Keep it one piece for the release, of course, but break it down into little bite size images that you can tease out on your socials once a week.

If you have a release in a month, cut it into four so that each week you can reveal another corner of the artwork. This reminds fans regularly that your new release is coming out so that release day is set in their minds. People love visuals too, so try and make your artwork colourful and interesting.

Bonus points if you actually cut them out into jigsaw shapes.

Get tracks in fans’ library before release date

Once again, have the goods for you. Once your music has been sent to stores ready for release date, you can create a Pre-Save link.

This allows fans to head and save your single ready for the drop date. This means that they can start listening straight away, and if they shuffle your music will be in the mix as soon as it goes live.

This does reveal the artwork, so you may wish to choose to do one or the other with artwork teasing above.

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