Tape It, a free, AI-powered alternative to Voice Memos, is the perfect way to sketch out songs on the go from your phone – and it just got better.

When Apple removed Voice Memos the nation mourned. Musicians everywhere were left bereft as they’d just lost the perfect music sketching app. Thankfully, Tape It launched on the scene in 2021 to save us all.

The free iOS app is perfect for multi-track recording straight from your phone to remember ideas and quickly sketch out demos. However, it offers so much more than Voice Memos ever did.

The amazingly free app uses AI to power your musical sketches. The app lets you record and arrange tracks of course, but it also detects what is being played automatically. Tape It will then sort your recordings by instrument, allowing you to easily arrange, isolate, and edit each part.

Tape It have just developed an incredible new feature that is going to transform your musical sketches into something so much better.

Free AI-powered denoiser for audio recordings

The Tape It team have been working on a studio-quality noise reduction program that works automatically using AI. They’ve just dropped their Denoiser, available on web browser and on the Apple App Store.

The startup have been developing this tool for the past two years. With a focus on helping musicians work with primitive recordings using their phones, noise is a natural issue with the audio. Tape It hope that this new tool will provide quality audio with ease and convenience.

Their AI powered Denoiser detects unwanted sounds like hums and hisses from the background to isolate the recorded instrument or vocals. It even works when recording multiple instruments at once, detecting the unwanted background noise.

Co-founder Thomas Walther says: “We created an automatic version of the denoising software that you have been finding in professional recording studios in the last 15 years.”

They compare their software to the manual work of professional recording studios. Noise reduction processes in music studios are expensive and take time, as well as experience, to achieve a professional result.

“The reason people haven’t automated those [studio methods] is because you can’t traditionally put them into a neural network… you can’t train such a system. We are actually the first ones to train such a system and that’s why we’re quite excited about this larger area.”

They’re looking to license their denoising software to vendors. The tool will be introduced to their Tape It app in the future, making their music sketching app even more powerful for creating legitimate, multi-track recordings on the go.

Walther adds: “Everyone is excited about AI being creative. We are excited about AI solving boring problems. We take care of background noise, so you can entirely focus on the creative parts and write more songs.”