Spotify continue experimenting with audiobooks, adding nine classic novels available for free

Take a dive into audiobooks such as Frankenstein, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, The Awakening, Cane, Persuasion and more read by familiar voices on Spotify.

Much like Spotify, Apple are also reportly planning a premium podcast platform

Rumours suggest Apple are also planning a premium podcast subscription to rival efforts from Amazon, SiriusXM and Spotify’s unannounced potential premium podcast plan.

Spotify Podcasts is now available on Alexa outside of the US

After adding the feature to the US around a year ago, Spotify extends support for voice controlled podcasts on Alexa-enabled devices to 11 more countries.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sign Spotify podcast deal

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have joined Spotify’s growing podcast empire, announcing that they’ve signed a multi-year deal alongside launching their own audio production company Archewell Audio.

Spotify Wrapped for Podcasters reveals over 1 million shows were launched in 2020

We were under no illusion that Spotify’s Podcast platform has seen huge success in the last few years, but Wrapped for Podcasters put these expectations into numbers. Lockdown has been great for both sides of…

You can now save individual podcast episodes to your Spotify library

A new feature in Spotify Podcasts allows you to save one individual episode to listen to later, without subscribing to a whole show. Spotify are constantly tweaking their podcast platform to increase listener numbers, and…

Apple, Sony and two other companies are reportedly in talks with acquiring podcast network Wondery

Apple, Sony and two other unidentified companies are rumoured to be in talks with podcast network Wondery for an acquisition worth $300-400 million. The two other companies reportedly don’t include Spotify. US-based company Wondery are…

A Spotify survey suggests a potential upcoming Premium Podcast subscription

As Spotify Podcasts continues to grow, a survey sent out by Spotify detail some potential features and price point for a podcast subscription service. Podcasts are huge business for Spotify. In fact, according to MIDiA,…

Spotify Podcasts represents 42% of all podcast listeners as of Q2 2020 according to MIDiA

Image credit: MIDiA A report from research and analysis firm MIDiA suggests Spotify Podcasts is the most widely used podcast platform with 42% of all podcast listeners. MIDiA’s latest report surveyed 6,000 people in the…

Joe Rogan and Spotify face scrutiny after featuring Alex Jones on JRE podcast

After banning The Alex Jones Show from Spotify Podcasts, Spotify face backlash after Alex Jones featured once again on The Joe Rogan Experience. One of the biggest podcasts in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience…