Image Credit: Reverb

The Etsy owned new and used music gear marketplace allows you to see the value of each of instruments with dynamic pricing.

Reverb, acquired by Etsy around two years ago, have introduced a new feature called Collections. Add your guitars, synths, pedals and other gear to your collection, and watch as prices change over time. A helpful feature for musicians with lots of gear looking to value their collection for fun, insurance or tax purposes. Once you find the right time to sell, it’s easy to list items straight from your collection.

To find your collection, go to your Reverb profile picture, then click My Collection. From here you’ll find a list of all of the items you own and can add additional items, whether that’s something purchased from the site or a new item. As you search for items, a database of musical gear will help you narrow down to your exact item. Once you add an item, Reverb will display the estimated value. If this is inaccurate, due to the condition for example, you can enter your own estimate. Values are constantly updated with dynamic pricing, allowing you to follow the amount over time.