Where to find images available for commercial use (album artworks).

There are many image banks via which you can find copyright free images for use as your cover art on RouteNote. We find Flickr to be one of the best places to find these images….

I don’t know what to put in the ‘C line’.

If this is your own original composition, please just put your name or artist name in the box. If this is a cover, please type all relevant names of the songs’ copyright holders.

UK Copyright Law Allows CD-Ripping… 10 Years Too Late

Around 13 years ago, the first iPod was released. The first user friendly MP3 player, with the ability to store all your favourite tracks on one device, without having to carry round a bag filled…

Copyright Free Music for my YouTube Videos – Outertone

It is quite hard to find high quality copyright free music for your YouTube videos. However, RouteNote has heard content creators and we have started a new electronic record label that will release free music…