A Spotify Premium account with your family just became even more worthwhile with Spotify offering free Google Home Mini speakers to all family account holders.

Sharing a Spotify Premium account with your family lets you add up to six people to one subscription, costing only $14.99 a month. Considering a single Spotify Premium account costs $9.99 each month that’s a massive saving for every person on the subscription.

Now the family streaming experience is getting even better with a new family member joining your Spotify subscription – the Google Home Mini speaker. The Smart speaker powered by Google Assistant is capable of listening to you and streaming music for you just by being told what to play. Google Home’s Voice Match is capable of recognising 6 different voices so that everyone on the family account gets their own personalised streaming experience. It’s the perfect companion to Spotify and other music streaming services, and also offers features such as news updates, calendar planning and more.

Spotify’s chief premium business officer, Alex Norström says: “We’re excited to be partnering with Google Home to bring the magic of voice to our Spotify Premium Family subscribers. After all, what’s more fun than sharing the music you love with the people you love. For Family Plan subscribers, enjoying those moments will only get better. Now anytime their favourite artists comes up, they can simply say ‘Hey Google, turn it up!’.”

The offer is available for both existing Family plan subscribers as well as new subscribers. The ‘master account holder’ can claim their free Google Home Mini from www.spotify.com/us/family if they are in the US. The offer is available now until the 31st December, 2018.

Spotify have a bunch of commands to get you started with streaming on your Google Home Mini:

To start listening, just say:
“Hey Google, play Spotify”
“Hey Google, resume Spotify”
“Hey Google, shuffle some music”
“Hey Google, play my Discover Weekly”
“Hey Google, play Dinner Party music”
“Hey Google, play Study music”
“Hey Google, play Hip Hop music”
“Hey Google, play my favorite music”
“Hey Google, play ‘Angel by Lionel Richie

Then, when you’re in the zone, go:
“Hey Google, pause.”
“Hey Google, turn it up.”
“Hey Google, please quiet down.”
“Hey Google, like this song.”
“Hey Google, dislike this song.”
“Hey Google, skip forward 20 seconds.”
“Hey Google, skip backward one minute.”

And when you’re ready to discover more, try:
“Hey Google, play the next song.”
“Hey Google, what’s playing?
“Hey Google, who is this singer?”
“Hey Google, what’s this song?”
“Hey Google, what’s this album?”
Hey Google, when did this song come out?”