As music listening evolves and slowly goes digital, radio is transforming too and the next big presenter could be you.

Online streaming has transformed music and the way we experience it. Playlists have become the new radio, the place you go to for a curated selection of music to discover. But it’s not the same without a personality guiding you through each track.

Stationhead is a new service that brings radio into the hands of the every-man whilst bringing back a personal touch to a playlist of music. The startup was created by musician Ryan Star and his friend Jace Kay in an attempt to bring a communal experience back to listening to music.

Stationhead allows you to create a radio station that you can stream anytime 24/7. Playing from your personal playlists your broadcast allows you to talk about whatever you want, whenever – guide listeners through each track choice, talk current affairs, you can even take live callers.

The broadcast will continue when you’re not hosting so it’s live 24/7. Listeners can “bite” songs that they like to add them to their own playlists seamlessly and as host you can even select certain listeners to call up for a live, on-air chat. Creator Star says: “Music is the social glue that gets them to talk”.

You may be wondering how they’re able to offer a free app with music licensing. Well that’s because Stationhead makes use of existing licenses on Spotify and Apple Music. So it’s as simple as integrating your playlists into the app from either of those services. Apple Music only recently launched with Stationhead so more services may come soon.

You will need to have a paid subscription to either Spotify or Apple Music to listen and become a radio DJ. Stationhead works brilliantly so that if you’re using a different service to the DJ it will still play seamlessly by switching the service behind the scenes for you.

Star says: “Because we’re agnostic, we go cross-platform, there’s no barrier to be transmitting out to everybody now.” The potential isn’t just there for sharing your music tastes, but also for artists who now have a unique way to share their music.

Stationhead is available on the iOS app store for free: