Spotify’s Workout tool creates a personalized playlist to your taste

Spotify’s Soundtrack Your Workout will generate the perfect workout playlist based on your personal tastes and quiz answers.

A lot of people are taking to working out from home or running, in lieu of gyms around the world being shut. These home workouts are being soundtracked by Spotify’s curated playlists or listener’s own playlists. In fact, according to Spotify, one million workout playlists have been created in the last two months alone. To save you some time finding the perfect tracks to accompany your workouts, Spotify have made a tool to keep you motivated at home.

The playlists combine your personal listening data and a quiz to create the perfect mix. You choose the length of typical workouts, whether you want music and/or podcasts, the sort of workout you do, who you’re working out with and one or two genres your after.

You’ll get different results every time you take the quiz, so you can create a different playlist for every day of the week.

Click here to create your playlist.

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