You want a bio that encapsulates you as an artist on your Spotify profile and these tips will lead to the perfect description.

When your music is uploaded to Spotify you have a new hub as an artist where people the world over can find your music. With Spotify for Artists you have control over your profile from editing your image to adding a featured track, and you can also write your artist biography to tell listeners about yourselves.

Spotify have recently release a bunch of tips on The Dos and Don’ts of Writing Your Spotify Bio. You can check the full article out there, and we’ve summed up their top tips to consider when you come to write your bio.

Write the way you think

Your bio should be imbued with the personality of the band. How you act, play, and talk should be how you come across in your bio. If your music is made for dancing then infuse then energy into your words. If it’s chill out music then take it cool. Find a tone that matches you as an artist and your music.

Tell a story

A bio is an opportunity to tell fans your history and how you got to wherever you are now. Don’t trail off too much, you want it to be succinct but if there’s a story to tell then get it in there. People looking at a band or artist bio often want to know the origin story.

Don’t forget your audience

You have a global audience once your on Spotify and any listeners could be completely new to your music. You want to bear in mind that level of familiarity (which is potentially none) when writing so that it’s appropriate to whoever is reading.

Invite the whole crew

You can tag other artist pages from your Spotify bio, so why not shout out any collaborators, producers, and whoever has helped you along the way? Build that community.

Update your listeners

Bios can quickly become out of date if you’ve got a lot going on in your musical life. Make sure you keep it updated regularly and keep it full of relevant info for listeners to read.

Don’t be afraid to be inventive

As Spotify say, these are meant to be pointers in the right direction. At the end of the day it is your bio and completely up to you how you write it and what you write in it. So get creative and let listeners know what you’re all about.

Head to Spotify for Artists to claim your artist page and customise it how you like. Read the full version of Spotify’s Dos and Don’ts for writing bios here.