Image Credit: Spotify

Refreshed every week and tailored to your tastes, Summer Breakouts highlights the tracks destined to make it big this summer.

Spotify just revealed their 2021 Songs of Summer predictions. From the some of the largest artists currently, the playlist features the hottest tracks soundtracking this year’s season of sun. Spotify’s new Summer Breakouts playlist shines a light on the smaller artists and songs thought to be heavily streamed and added to your summer playlists this year.

Video Credit: Spotify

The new playlist is curated by Spotify’s editorial experts and ranks the order to fit your unique tastes, based on the music you love. Each week, Summer Breakouts will be refreshed, allowing you to discover new artists and tracks to listen to and share. This week’s artists include BIA, Tai Verdes, Dayglow and Audrey Nuna. Spotify says the playlist is available to users in the US and Canada, but I’m able to access and stream it in the UK with no issues.