Logitech’s new G335 is a $70, colorful, wired gaming headset

Image Credit: Logitech

The new Logitech G335 halves the price, adds a wire, reduces the size and weight, and drops the RGB lighting from the G733.

Announced by Logitech G, the tech company’s gaming accessories brand, that specializes in mice, keyboards, headsets and more, the G335 is one of their cheapest gaming headsets at just $69.99. Designed around last year’s popular, award-winning, similarly colourful G733 wireless gaming headset, G335 is the wired alternative, in a slightly smaller and lighter package, without the RGB lighting, at around half the price.

The Logitech G335 features the same suspension headband design, that distributes the weight and relieves pressure points for a comfortable fit, while providing enough force to stay in place. The included adjustable strap colour matches the sports mesh material covering the soft, breathable memory ear cups, that slide up and down to fit. The G335 weighs in at 240 grams, down from 278 gram on the G733. Sound is produces by 40mm neodymium drivers, which “delivers crisp, clear sound”. The G335 is Discord Certified, signifying clear communication from the microphone.

The headset itself comes in Black, White and Mint options. The strap can be reversed or swapped to switch up the colour or wash. The strap and mic covers are interchangeable with the G733 wireless headset’s. Alternative strap and mic covers are available from Logitech for $9.99.

Being wired, the G335 requires no prior set-up, allowing for plug-and-play compatibility on PCs, mobile, and consoles including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The headset hooks up via a 3.5mm audio jack for input and output. On PCs with separate mic and headphone jacks, Logitech includes a Y-slitter in the box. The built-in volume roller lets you easily turn up or down, game or music, while the microphone can flipped up to move it out of the way and mute. Unfortunately, it’s not detachable as on the G733.

Image Credit: Logitech

Pre-order today for $69.99, with shipping starting in July.

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