Spotify are making some big changes to their massive playlists, making them more personal no matter the selection.

Spotify are renowned across the world for their plethora of quality playlists. With everything from expert curated selections updated every week for specific genres, to playlists using algorithms to present listeners with personalised recommendations each week, Spotify streaming is synonymous with the best playlists around.

Spotify have announced they will be combining the power of their refined editorials and their algorithmic taste profiles. Some of their top playlists will now be personalised based on personal taste, taking information from users’ listening history to refine recommendations.

This is a fantastic move for the sake of both artists and listeners. Listeners will be presented a selection they are much more likely to enjoy and don’t have to sift through a playlist of music that might not suit them.
Spotify’s testing with the new personalised editorial playlists shows that users are much more likely to listen for longer.

It will also give more visibility to artists and their tracks by offering up a more diverse range of content than just a set list to everyone. The new playlists increases the number of artists featured on playlists by 30% and the number of songs that listeners are discovering by 35%.

Spotify say: “We found that, after discovering a song through a personalized editorial playlist, the number of listeners who then seek out the track on their own for repeat listens is up by 80%. In fact, the average number of times a listener saves a track is up 66% – all of which is good news for artists.”

Spotify are also creating unique links that artists can use to share the playlists via Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics. These unique links allow the artist to share a personalised version of the playlist that highlights their track as the first song.

Artists and their teams will receive an email when they are added to one of these playlists.