Which three artists would you invite round for a dinner date? Which artist represents your Sun and Moon signs? Find out with Spotify’s brand new in-app experience, showing you why you’re unique in your tastes.

We’re all proud of our music tastes, right? As much as we love to share the artists we love and the tracks that move us, there’s no-one else who loves the same unique mix of music quite the same as ourselves – no matter how close to a musical match we find.

Spotify’s brand new experience is celebrating exactly what makes your music tastes special. Spotify’s Only You experience can now be found for listeners around the world when they open their mobile app.

Explore the unique connections that set you apart from the usual listener like the strangest set of artists to listen to back to back and the way you hop through time periods to enjoy the music that means the most to you.

Spotify will show you what your ‘Audio Birth Chart’ is with your Sun Sign representing the artist you’ve listened to the most in the last 6 months. Your ‘Moon Sign’ artist represents your most emotional artist and finally your ‘Rising Sign’ is an artist that you’ve just started to enjoy and is making an impact on you.

Then you get to create your dream dinner party – if only we could make it happen in reality! Choose 3 artists from a limited selection of your most listened artists (this may be difficult) that would be the three artists you’d like to sit around a table with and chow down the most. Think about who might be the funniest person to joke across the dinner table with, or who might share the best stories.

What’s more, once you’ve explored some of the unique elements of your music taste there are a whole bunch of brand new, personalised mixes of music to explore and save to your library.

‘Only Fans’ of your favourite artists

Spotify have also explored what sets some of the most loved artists on Spotify’s fans apart from other fanbases. For example, did you know that Doja Cat fans have listened to over 4,050,732 minutes of whale sounds? Meanwhile, Lil Nas X fans are dedicated, with over 97,924+ playlists with his real name “Montero” in the title.

‘Blend’ your musical tastes with friends

Currently in testing, ‘Blend’ lets listeners combine their tastes with another to create a unique taste profile that combines both of their biggest audio loves. It’s only available on mobile, so if you and a friend want to give it a go then open up your Spotify app and tap the ‘Create Blend’ in your Made For You hub. From here you can send the friend of your choice your Invitation start Blending your music into one combined mix.