Spotify have launched a brand new hub to bring together all of the helpful links for artists they can with a focus on the current uncertainty in many’s lives.

Over the last two months (has it really only been that long?) we have written a lot about the effect Coronavirus is having on musicians and tried to provide links to helpful agencies where we can. Spotify have now launched a brand new page full of helpful links for artists all over for help in COVID and much more beyond it.

The top of the page is currently dedicated to financial support in the wake of COVID-19 from bodies around the world helping artists. But the huge page goes far beyond Corona-aid for musicians and is full of valuable links and information that will help long after Coronavirus is in the past.

There are places to go for inspiration and advice on creating music or connecting with fans online. There are also many helpful health-related links that go beyond Corona to the ever prevalent issues of mental health and wellbeing as a working musician.

It’s a fantastic resource that we recommend any artist bookmarks and makes use of whenever they need it. Spotify note that their list will continue to grow as resources and helpful services crop up to keep their list as comprehensive and useful as possible.

Nothing here is an official recommendation or endorsement of any third party. These are simply some of the resources to you that you may find helpful in your life and career.

Check back often, as the list will continue to grow. And if any of you know of any great resources that we should include here, please let us know by submitting them here.

Head to Spotify’s new directory here.