Spotify’s first year in India tells us these 3 things about Indian streamers

One year ago this month Spotify launched in India and after a successful year they’ve found out a bit about how the country listens to music.

Spotify are celebrating a year in India which has seen them earn millions of listeners and thousands of local artists. Listeners can found in over 2,300 cities with more than 350 playlists curated just for Indian listeners and their music tastes.

They have revealed that 6,400 artists and teams use Spotify for Artists to track their performance and take control of their artist profiles. The love for local artists is clearly felt across Spotify, with the top five most streamed artists in the country in the last year were Indian artists and Bollywood singers.

They found that on average, listeners in India have streamed more than 130 artists each in the past year. Whilst Indian music tops the streams, there’s still a lot of love for international artists. Post Malone was the most streamed non-Indian artist in the past year whilst BTS and Taylor Swift also saw big popularity.

Spotify also saw how popular the topic of Love is for Indian streamers. One of their top playlists is Bollywood Mush, which is listened to most in the East suggesting that love is felt even more there.

Spotify have launched their first 3 Spotify original podcasts for India in December 2019. Spotify are betting big on podcasts as listens have sky rocketed around the world since launching them alongside their traditional music offerings.

Take a look below to see a round up of the most notable results of Spotify’s first year in India.

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