Spotify’s Family Plan is a famously incredible discount for a household of music streamers. Unfortunately in Australia the still-brilliant deal is now a little less sweet.

Spotify’s Family Plan allows up to six different listeners from a household all listen under one subscription with their own taste profiles. It’s a huge discount on individual subscriptions for each of the household. As such, Australia won’t be too hurt by the new price change.

Spotify have increased the price of the Family Plan in Australia from $17.99 to $18.99 in AUS dollars. The price change made effective at the start of October for new subscribers and will now affect all existing Australian Family Plan subscribers each month starting November 1st.

In a statement Spotify said that they made the price update so that they can “continue offering a unique service”. They also mentioned that their prices have always varied between different regions and their choices are based on local economies as well as their own position.

Whilst a price gauge won’t exactly be a welcome change for Aussie listeners, the value of the Family Plan cannot be understated. At $11.99 for a single person’s Premium subscription, even just 2 people on the plan are saving money.

Family Plan’s also offer extras for the listeners on the plan, like a playlist mix of all of the individual listener’s tastes and parental controls for parents letting their young ones listen.