Spotify are rolling out their new personalized listening AI DJ feature to Premium subscribers in the UK and Ireland.

Unveiled earlier this year in February, Spotify DJ is the music streaming service’s latest personalized listening feature. Open up the DJ and Spotify will choose what to play based on your listening history, along with an AI-powered voice that introduces tracks, using OpenAI’s (the company behind Chat GPT) generative AI. The AI voice is modeled after Spotify’s Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier “X” Jernigan.

Since debuting the feature in the US and Canada, fans across the globe have been asking for DJ, but nowhere more than the UK and Ireland. Now, Spotify DJ and “X” are coming to Premium users in the UK and Ireland. Spotify says the feature is still in beta, and will continue to iterate and innovate over time.

When we were deciding where to offer DJ next, the U.K. and Ireland just made sense. We have a team of local music experts on the ground in the region, and it’s where some of DJ’s fundamental technology has been developed.

Spotify in a blog post

You’ll find Spotify DJ in your Music Feed on Home in the mobile app.

Three months in and Spotify are already seeing great results across the US and Canada.

On days when users tune in, fans spend 25% of their listening time with DJ—and they keep coming back. More than half of first-time listeners come back to listen to DJ the very next day. And DJ has especially resonated with Gen Z and Millennials, who make up 87% of DJ users.

Spotify in a blog post

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