Spotify are testing a new feed of music that offers up all the latest releases from artists you love so you never miss a beat when it comes to the music you like.

Some users have reported a new section on their Spotify, a ‘What’s New’ timeline offering up a selection of new releases from artists they’ve listened to or saved. Speaking to The Verge, Spotify confirmed the test saying: “We are always testing new ways to create better listening experiences for more users, while continuing to find ways to connect artists to their fans.”

It’s the next step in a line of improvements to their service to keep listeners up to date with new music and to keep them coming back to Spotify to check out the latest releases. Whether they be new music that Spotify recommends based on listening habits, the latest tunes from chart-toppers, emerging artists that they think will break out soon, and more, Spotify have had a number of playlists and offerings to keep users in the loop.

The ‘What’s New’ section can be found within two taps of opening the Spotify app so you can dive straight into your favourite artists’ latest release. Whilst this is a confirmed and public test, this doesn’t mean that the feed of new releases personalised to tastes will be coming anytime soon, if at all. Spotify often publicly tests their features on limited groups of listeners before deciding whether to follow through with them.