Spotify have debuted 2 new radio shows AM/PM and Secret Genius in which artists will discuss their music tastes and the creation of their music.

In light of increasing competition between music streamers Swedish music streaming service Spotify are introducing 2 new radio shows today. Both shows are hosted by major musical artists and producers looking at their music tastes in AM/PM and exploring their music in Secret Genius.

In AM/PM each artist has 2 playlists; AM and PM. In AM the artist explores the music that gets them up in the morning and that they listen to before work. PM then takes a look at the opposite side, looking at the artists picks for the end of the day to unwind after work or relax before bed. The first selection of AM/PM playlists feature legendary electronic artist Jean-Michel Jarre, UK rapper Tinie Tempah, Wolf Alice, and Terry Hall.

The other new show, Secret Genius, is an interview style show tthat gets artists in to take an in-depth look at their music and discuss working with artists, producing and creating the music interspersed with some of their most popular/favourite tracks. First on Secret Genius are James Blake, Ed Drewett and Nick Van Eede.

This isn’t Spotify’s first foray into artist hosted and curated shows which began with In Residence, a series of playlists chosen by artists. In Residence shows were much more like radio shows with discussion by the host between tracks and even guests on some shows. The difference is that In Residence was exclusive to Spotify Premium users (except the songs) whereas their new shows are available to all users.

There’s already a load of playlists to get you started and artists like De La Soul, Hot Chip, and Kaiser Chiefs are set to host future shows. You can find all the AM/FM, Secret Genius, and In Residence shows on the Spotify Originals account.